Welcome to My So-Called Paradise.

I’ve tried to make this site simple to use, but robust enough to be interesting. You can just poke around and see what’s here in a couple of minutes, though I’d like to point out a few things if you don’t mind.

Directly under the rotating picture banner are buttons for this Site Overview, the Gallery page, and a brief About Me page. I like to take photos (as do most people); and when I find a few worth putting into an album, I’ll list them on the Gallery page with links to my Flickr account. The About Me is, hmmm, a bit of detail about me.

Below these buttons is the main content area for my posts (where you’re now reading this).

On the right sidebar is a Subscribe feature I hope you’ll use. By subscribing you’ll get email notifications of content updates.

Next on the sidebar is the Site Content area, which lists quick-links to content stored in categories. These quick-links make it easy to find a previous post by its category. FZ’s Posts is the most eclectic category and contains the most actively changing content. The category, Writings, includes short stories, poems, travel tales, and excerpts from my past and current work. I’m recording my own readings of my work fairly regularly and posting MP3 files in the Readings category.

Click the book cover image underneath the Memoir Page for information on my memoir, Passage From England. Click the Memoir Excerpt to read the first chapter, or check out the various reviews of the book by clicking the Memoir Reviews links.I plan this year to publish High Pocket, a modern-day gold mining adventure novel I wrote quite a while ago, and I’ll add it to this link listing. I’m also working on novel, and I’ll post a link to it here when I’m done.

That’s about it. If you ever get lost on the site, just click the words My So-Called Paradise at the top left of the site to get back to the beginning.

Thanks for dropping in.






4 Responses to Site Overview

  1. robert white says:

    About your bambusa oldhamii, people love it. How big a yard or space do you need? I have about a seventh of an acre. Is that enough space to put it around the periphery, or should I get something smaller?
    Also, I don’t understand — it has to spread some, doesn’t it? Do you mean it doesn’t spread at all, or just not as fast as that other kind?
    Keep churning out the lit.

  2. alan feuerstein says:

    Hi Frank

    I can’t believe that its ben this long since your move from St. Thomas. Please keep in touch and I’ll reciprocate.


  3. Eva-Maria says:

    Thx for spending some time to explain the terminlogy to the newbies!

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