As if from a deep slumber I have awakened to the ordinary world. I say “ordinary” because my sleep was anything but ordinary. Instead, it was filled with intense dreams…dreams of love betrayed and love pursued, dreams of families cascading into tragedy and families coming together, of hopes forsaken and of hopes risked again.

Four years of dreams that became my new novel, A Family Garden.

The novel poses a simple question: How can you turn down the unusual last request of a dying friend? You can’t, even if it tears your world apart.

Available in Audiobook, Kindle, and Paperback

When Chris Baker agrees to reunite a friend’s grown son, Max, with his mother in British Columbia, he’s forced to confront the unresolved passions of an explosive affair that led to her deportation years before.

Though the drive north on Highway 1 may recall idyllic moments from the 60’s, today’s road trip is a dangerous one as Chris and Max are chased by drug dealers and pursued by Max’s impetuous girlfriend, Kali. All the while, Max keeps hidden his real motives for staging the transfer to Canada and the actual getaway plan he has in mind.

Mature lovers and young lovers. Promises and betrayals. A Family Garden illuminates the secrets of the heart too long veiled in fear and regret.

A Family Garden is available in three formats, including an audiobook, which I narrated myself. Click here for a narration sample: Garden Audio

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Thanks for reading (and listening), and being out there in the ether.

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