So, this is kind of smart or funny or disastrous. Who can say which it will be until it happens? No one.



Our dear family members, Sean and Hugo, suggested that Nettie and I attend the Northern Trust PGA Open event at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades this Sunday. They went last year and enjoyed it; they thought we would, too. We said, sure, yeah, great, why not?

It seems lately that we’re all things golf anyway. We play golf at our own club (as I’ve mentioned) here in Woodland Hills; we travel and play golf at other locations far and near (we’re playing in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, for instance); but tomorrow is a first. We’re attending our first professional golfing event…as spectators, obviously, not participants, though there are times when my chip shot is working so tight I feel I coulda been a contender!



Anyway…the Riviera Country Club is pretty swanky with $15+ million dollar houses lining its course. The place will be packed on Sunday and our tickets include parking/shuttle services. But when I looked at the parking lots we had to use, they were way down in Santa Monica nearly 30 minutes away in traffic. And you could miss a shuttle and be 60 minutes away. I didn’t like the sound of that.

Then I had what I thought was a pretty decent idea…I investigated parking some blocks away and then thought we could call Uber to get us to the club gates from our car. No such luck. The Riviera had already thought of that and nixed it by setting up an “official” Uber Pick-up and Drop-off area at a local middle school with shuttles from there to the club. I didn’t like the sound of that either.

What were my other options? Well, after further investigation I found out that the event offers locking bike racks right at the front gate! That sounded like a novel idea to me. But I live way too far away to bike the whole distance. And though I have a sister/brother-in-law combo in Pacific Palisades, their house is likewise too far from the club. So…I Google-mapped it, found a few near-ish streets I could park on with our bikes on our car’s bike rack, demount them, climb on and peddle to the course.

Sounds pretty simple, right? I called the Riviera to verify my plan. A little wrinkle opened up. The event organizers, bastards, were going to prohibit parking on nearby streets to prevent golf parking from mucking up the area.

“Okay, fine,” I said. “What does nearby streets mean?” In other words, how far away would Nettie and I have to park and then ride our bikes to the club gate?

“Well, I’m not sure of the exact streets we’re blocking off. A half a mile I’d guess.”

“How good’s your guess?” I asked, thinking a half mile is a trivial distance to ride a bike.

He laughed and said he just couldn’t guess that specifically. I’d have to take a drive over Sunday morning and see for myself.



So…it’s Saturday afternoon at 2:20 as I write these words. I’ve taken our bikes out of the moth balls of the garage rafters (it has been wintertime after all and we’ve got a new grand child to keep us busy, not much biking in the last few months). I’ve cleaned them, pumped the tires (let’s hope they’re full in the morning), and we’re going to take a practice peddle around the neighborhood in a few minutes.

Then we’re getting up very early and heading out around 6:30 to find an allowed public street to park on, take our bikes off the car rack, and peddle to the club.

I wonder how it will transpire? Will we find a close spot to park? Will our tires hold air? Will we get run over by crazy golf groupies? Will the bike racks at the club be near to the actual event? Will we be too tired to ride back to our cars after all day traispsing after golfers? Should we have just parked/shuttled/Ubered like everyone else?

I’ll let you know when we get home tomorrow night and I finish this blog…

Well…here’s what happened…everything went smoothly! We parked up the street from the club a mere quarter mile away, coasted down the hill to the lovely bike racks and walked into the club grounds a mere hundred yards away. Who could believe it!

Getting back to our bikes at the end of the event was likewise a snap. Well, okay, now we had to walk up the hill in spots instead of coasting down, but no big deal.



I’m delighted to report that this best laid plan worked out so well. What a beautiful morning arrival to a beautiful club!

I did make one mistake, though, and I regretted it. It occurred early when we first arrived…

I ate the breakfast burrito! Indigestion and golf are not a pretty combination.



The golfing event itselft was spectacular. We had a great time with Hugo and Sean, grabbing a meal afterwards and pre-celebrating Hugo’s birthday at King’s Head Pub. We couldn’t ask for a better day in life in SoCal.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Bubba Watson won the $1.2 million dollar purse by a single stroke. Fantastic!





3 Responses to Biking To Golf – Before and After

  1. Virginia says:

    Really funny and a true Southern California experience! Glad you found a way to make it work out so well. Where there is a will, there is a way…

  2. Sean says:

    What a beautiful day….such fun to spend it with you and Annette!
    We can’t wait until next years event.
    We love you!

  3. George Savsge says:

    Good going guys. A beautiful day and week for the event. They had shuttles running all day from the Will Rogers polo field to the Riviera so I think you could have parked at our house. Ah but bikes are cooler!

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