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I’ve been writing this Monday Morning blog for over six years, four of them on this site, two more on a site called Gather.com. That’s over three-hundred posts, which is a fair-sized, book length chunk of my brain made external through words, sentences, paragraphs, and incidental marks of punctuation holding it all together. Whew!

I’ve enjoyed it exceedingly, and I’ve been much appreciative of all your comments, support, and feedback on the various posts.



I’m also a bit weary.

Well, not weary exactly…but rather…I’m feeling a tad constrained by the weekly requirement (the self-imposed weekly requirement admittedly) of having something ready to say each week that I want to write about and that you may want to read…every Monday morning…every week…every year…for six years.

And yet…this letter to you is not to announce the cessation of my posts, nor to declare their suspension, but rather to simply let myself go with the flow. Just as that previous sentence moves from formal language to slang (…announce the cessationnor declare their suspensiongo with the flow), so too am I going to relax my posting schedule.



Going forward, I plan to write these posts when the spirit moves me, not when the days dictate that I should.

However, I’m not taking a break from writing. Quite the opposite. I’m back on the front lines with my novel, In The Shade Of The Freeway. Since returning from SE Asia, I’ve been re-reading the book, and I’m planning exhaustive editing maneuvers to get the novel under my control. I’m not sure how long the campaign will last (the characters are crafty, the plot is tricky), so I need to marshal my time and skills…dig in and get it done.

I’ve also begun volunteering at the writing lab of our local college where I first began teaching so many years ago, helping students wage their own successful skirmishes with the written word. This is not a big time commitment really, three or four hours a week, but some of my head-space has to be opened up for it. I’m sure, though, the experiences at the college and the memories that resurface from my teaching days will find their way into future posts.



Then there’s golf and life and love and family and the beauty of Spring itself that calls to me, the pathway leading ever onward. There’s so much to do, and I’ve got to get doing it.

So…I’ll be writing here again in the not too distant future, but exactly when, I can’t say for sure. You’ll see my posts when they emerge, and I hope you’ll welcome their arrival to your Inbox, your Facebook page, and into your own very busy life as you have in the past, and perhaps you’ll continue to be kind enough to let me know through comments, emails, FB shares, etc. that you’re still enjoying the ride.

Here’s wishing you a startlingly beautiful spring!


Frank Z.


4 Responses to When The Spirit Moves Me

  1. Dave McCall says:

    Hey Frank, I applaud your release from yourself and the completion of six years of blogging, well done mate! I look forward to reading the revised novel and feel certain it will be an entertaining page turner. All the best my friend. Cheers,


  2. Virginia says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the posts and photos with your fun observations and adventures. Good luck with your new ones – and I’ll join with your other fans to look forward to your posts whenever they appear in the mailbox!

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Frank,
    Congratulations on having the courage and energy to re-organise your writing life! I wonder if that oriental travel experience has helped to make a change in determining the priorities of life? On a personal level, I shall miss the Monday blog, which for me has always been an eagerly awaited and interesting start to Tuesdays(!), but I suspect the arrival of random offerings will bring even more pleasure in future and we all look forward to a new book! Love to you and Annette, Mary M

  4. Nicely done, Frank, and congratulations on liberating yourself from the time constraint. Best of luck with developing the novel.

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