I’ve heard it said that for each hour you travel outside your time zone, you’ll experience a day of jet lag when you return. Well, SE Asia is 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles’ time zone. Does that mean I should prepare myself for two weeks of thinking with the effectivenss of the Scarecrow, with the walking of a rusty Tin Man, and with as little resolve as the Lion to face a new day?

I hope not. But this first week home has been a very tough slog.



In reflection, I do feel as if our trip to lands like Cambodia, Viet Nam, and Thailand have been visits to mystical, magical locales such as Oz; and just like Dorothy’s return, I feel now that the landscape of my brain is as chaotic and tossed around as her Kansas farm after a tornado!

Maybe it’s age. Could it be that my 64th birthday of a few weeks past makes long distance travel more difficult? Nah, can’t be…can it?



Maybe it’s this wretched stomach virus that descended upon me the second day back that’s compounding the fractured pathways of my brain.

Geez, when I think of all the dodgy things I ate and drank over the last five weeks in SE Asia without any ill-effect on my digestive system (black chicken in a coke can comes to mind as a “for instance”), I do find it ironic that “American” food should have cut me down.

Auntie Em


But down I am. My head is confused and struggling to string sentences together, and my gut is gurgling. I’m afraid I’ll have to cut this post short and toddle back off to bed to with Auntie Ann (re: Em) as my nursemaid.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there’s no place like home, no place like home…it’s just that re-entering this reality without red slippers on takes some getting used to.




3 Responses to Jet Lagged From The Land Of OZ

  1. ursula mcneil says:

    I remember telling Annette that this trip would affect you deeply and not gastronomically, all my food was fresh and delicious. It’s just a magical part of the world and you will never look at everyday life the same. My memories are forever carved into my mind and my favorite places are still Burma and Laos where tourism has not yet overtaken the local value system.

    Get better fast, let’s stay in touch.

  2. Gary Maxwell says:

    Get better…

  3. George says:

    Frank & Annette – Welcome Home! Sounds like you had a trip of a lifetime. Looking forward to hearing more about it. GG

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