From the monthly archives: January 2015

Here’s A Bit Of Fun…

January 31, 2015 by

Well, maybe not fun, but a bit of irony that borders on a rather extreme case of cognitive dissonance. We drove last week for three hours with our guide and driver from the city of Hue to the city of Hoi An to the south. To get to Hoi An we had to travel through […]

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There is something ineffable here in Hanoi. Something in the thick-branched banyan and giant fig trees that encircle Hoan Kiem lake at the heart of city. Something lost and forlorn that settles in the misty air above the delicate, glassy-green water of the lake. The ancient trees shade the crowded streets, their heavy scented leaves […]

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The King In Bangkok

January 18, 2015 by

Nettie and I are in Bangkok, Thailand in our hotel bar early Friday night playing pool and eating hard-shell chicken tacos with super spicy salsa, drinking mango margaritas and listening to Elvis Presley belt out “Heartbreak Hotel” on the damn good ceiling speakers. Elvis is big in Bangkok (who knew?), and it’s a blast, man, […]

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