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So anyway, there are a bunch of doves in my backyard, sitting up in the tree. Nearly thirty of them. What are they doing up there? Can you see them? Yes, okay, it rained here the day before, so maybe they’re drying their feathers in the cloudy morning.

Birds close upj


Or maybe they’re having a neighborhood meeting. Do they know each other? Are they talking? In close up they look like they might be. Is Fred upset over something Sam did? Or was it something that Marilyn did to Sam?

I guess I could Google it and find out if birds dry their wings like this. But hell, they’re not even flapping them, which you’d think they’d do, right? But no, they’re just sitting up there. Truth is, I have no idea what they’re doing!

Then I start thinking of all the things in my world I know nothing about. Occurrences and incidents and activities and choices that I cannot reason through. I guess I never will.

Little things first, my neighbors, for instance, the ones around the corner. Jeez! You should see their front yard. How long have they lived there? A couple years at least…their front yard was a dirt patch when they moved in, and it’s still nothing but a patch of dirt. They have done nothing to it. It’s just become ever more desolate.

Chairs 1


They did some work inside the house when they moved in, and in the back yard…planted flowers, prettied up around the pool where they entertain. Don’t they care about the front?

But last week what really got to me is that they placed a couple of crappy plastic chairs and a crappy plastic table right in the center of their dirt front yard. What the heck did they do that for? Is this their idea of landscaping? What gives? What are they thinking!?

I want to knock on their door and ask them if they’re going to sit out there in the dirt, which has become mud since the rain. Are they going enjoy the view of their neighbor’s driveway? Is that their plan? Who knows?



And then it’s Saturday morning and my termite inspector is coming to check out the recent, rampant infestation of these creatures in my backyard. I mean, what’s up with them? What’s got them suddenly so excited that they’re attempting to eat my deck? They’re dormant for decades and now POW! What are they up to!?

And this all brings me to what really go me ranting this week…I heard on NPR that there are two creatures on the planet populating out of control. One is human beings…duh…no surprise there and not a topic I want to launch into here. Suffice it to say, it’s been a pet-peeve of mine since I read The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich back in the late Sixties.

The explosion of the other creature was a real surprise to me…Ants.

driver ants




Yes, ants. They’re on the move. Not billions of them, TRILLIONS of them. All over the globe. Some of them are real nasty bastards, like the driver ants pictured to the right.

So, I’m thinking…what’s going on there? Nobody seems to know for sure. These ants are just slowly but surely taking over the planet. Hmmm…ants and humans, huh, what a combo.

And then I just read (which can be a dangerous activity these days) that China is responsible for thirty percent of the world’s carbon pollution, the main contributor to global warming. Thirty percent from one country! And by 2040, they’ll likely double that carbon output to sixty percent of the world’s combined pollution!



So what are they thinking?!

Okay, I’m on a tear, I know it. I’ve got to calm down.

But I’ve just been thinking that we have so little idea of what’s really going or what we’re doing. Do we need to know? I do know there are those who put their faith in faith. But what if you don’t have faith?

Can you borrow the faith of others?



I found myself doing just that when I saw the launch of the Orion Spacecraft on Friday, December 5th. This very Friday. The newscasters said the rocket was “ushering in a new age of space exploration.” Some waxed even more philosophic by calling the flight “history in the making,” “the next step in our destiny to the stars.”

Big Words. Big Ideas. Big Faith in the Big Future.

We’re going to Mars to find out what’s there. We’ve just got to know what’s happening on Mars. Never mind about the birds in the trees or the ants in the dirt. Mars is calling us. Can you hear it? I’m listening very hard. Maybe you’ve heard me listening in recent posts.

Something is calling to me. I think it’s faith or hope or dreams. I’m beginning to think I can hear it clearly. It’s calling to all of us. We’ve got to answer that call.

I guess that’s the point…the point of life. Don’t dwell. Go forward. Don’t look backward, or even in the present because the present in fact is the future ever occurring moment by moment.

Embrace it. Don’t question it. Embrace it I say. Let’s all go to Mars!




3 Responses to Faith In Others – A Rant…

  1. annette zajaczkowski says:

    And what do all the stars do in the daytime? How come their light fades to blue?

  2. Mary E. says:

    Nicely done!

  3. Frank Z says:

    A little factoid for you. If it were possible to gather all the ants on the planet, their combined weight would be more than the weight of all the humans on the planet.
    Yeah, those little fuckers out weigh us. No wonder I feel so insignificant!

    Gee Max

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