From the monthly archives: December 2014

In Praise Of A Good Man

December 21, 2014 by

I was planning on taking a break from posting for a few weeks, but I heard some terrible and shocking news this week that a dear friend of mine and Annette’s died in a motorcycle accident last Monday night. His name is Joe Compana and he was a Good Man. I wanted you all to […]

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The Bears Have Hibernated

December 14, 2014 by

Across the snowy landscape of my mind the bears are deep asleep and warm in their dark, cozy dens with dreams of springtime far beyond the horizon. I, too, feel the urge to drift off…to take a break from the busy thoughts that crowd the canyons of my brain. It’s the holiday season after all, […]

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So anyway, there are a bunch of doves in my backyard, sitting up in the tree. Nearly thirty of them. What are they doing up there? Can you see them? Yes, okay, it rained here the day before, so maybe they’re drying their feathers in the cloudy morning. Or maybe they’re having a neighborhood meeting. […]

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