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I’m delighted to report that I received the answers to my questions in last week’s post. Greg, a subscriber and friend, called the telephone number on the “moldy” sign a couple of times until the responsible party finally called him back. Here’s what Greg found out:

Is it a moldy sail for sale? No. Is it a moldy sailboat for rent? No.
Or is it a potential rental property full of mold that someone is selling? Yes!
A very nice guy just called me and explained that he had a friend’s son write the signs. He himself DID put the signs in the ground but he was in a hurry due to upcoming travel so he didn’t look that closely at the sign. He’s trying to close a deal on the rental property in the San Fernando Valley and flip it to an investor. That’s all. He had a lovely sense of humor and we both had a good laugh at the confusing wording. He asked if I was an investor. I said I was a guitar maker and looking to invest in wood and a curious person in general…..and he hung up. Done!

Incidentally, I wrote a post about Greg’s talent as a luthier a year or more ago in: Guitar Maker.



So, those are the answers. What the sign said was in fact what the sign meant. Yet this week of my mulling over this sign (yes, I can be obsessive) has raised more general questions for me about the nature of truth and the future that such misunderstandings portend.

I realize that’s a bit of a heavy statement, but I’ve been influenced this week also by Ken Burn’s The Roosevelt’s documentary, which pretty much sums up the political, social, cultural, and economic history of our country and the world over the past 150 years. It ain’t a pretty sight…as I’m sure you know.

What struck me as Nettie and I watched were the promises made and broken, the lies spoken and maintained, the truths assumed and then reversed and then re-asserted again…in short, the general stasis at the heart of much of our world.

Even worse than a static planet, of course, is one in which things slowly deteriorate, and on many fronts I could point out things that seem to be slipping. However…

…lest you think I’m depressed about this slippage…what struck me most this week was the continual striving by so many people to make things better for others, the refusal by so many not to give in to the negativity that dominates the media and, to be honest, a big hunk of my brain cavity.

1 Interstellar


In fiction and reality, two positive examples stand out:

First the fiction — The sci-fi movie called Interstellar, about searching for a hospitable planet that mankind can migrate to when this planet is no longer inhabitable. It’s an enthralling movie that I highly recommend.

Philae Lander


Second the reality — The amazing Philae, the washing-machine-sized probe that landed this week on Comet 67P, which is traveling about 40,000mph and is over 300 hundred million miles away!

Wait a minute…did I say that this was a reality? Yep, it is, though surely it seems fantastical doesn’t it? As incomprehensible, perhaps, as the sign on Malibu Canyon. Yet like that sign pinned to the side of the road, Philae, is pinned to the side of a comet hurtling through the space, heading our way with an inscrutable meaning of its own.

In both the sci-fi movie and the NASA reality, the arc of mankind is definitely upward, reaching out into the next world, creating our next adventure. To me, these two events have been a kind of antidote to some of the recent bad news that I won’t repeat here, nor will I presume that my bad news is your bad news…though I think it’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian’s butt-shot this week (which I’ve resisted with great determination from inserting in this post) is not exactly a highlight of our species’ evolution.



Suffice it to say, then, that things are looking up. We may not get there this year, this decade, or even this century. We may be forced to spend a millennium underground to survive some catastrophic global warming event, but I’m confident we’ll emerge, enough of us anyway, to begin again. And like some kind of modern ark, I believe enough animals will emerge with us to fill a new garden of Eden, either here or in some distance place where our collective destiny awaits us.

With this in mind, I wrote my own message to announce it, my own sign:

Great planet for life. Full of troubles. Brave souls only need inquire.

Instead of a phone number to call, I suggest you take a look at Philae’s page yourself where you can see the future arriving by second by second, mile by mile. Click below to see how downright uplifting it is to watch the future coming into our present day:

Philae, Rosetta & Comet P67



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  1. Mark says:

    Revised classified:

    Great planet for life. Full of troubles. Lots of mold. Brave souls only need inquire.

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