Sign FarThose words caught my eye on Saturday at the intersection of Malibu Canyon and Mulholland Highway. I wasn’t sure I was reading the yellow sign correctly. I wasn’t sure what it could mean.

When I rolled to a stop at the light, the full sign came into view…

Sign Near

It was inscrutable. Who would write such a sign? What were they thinking their marketing angle might be? Did they think a phrase like “Great rental” coupled with “Full of mold” was a winner? Or was “Cash Only” the real lure here?

I pulled over and took some photos. I had to. Maybe in tranquil reflection I could come up with some explanation for the seeming idiocy of the sign. Jeez, what kind of brain would compose such a sign? A bad speller certainly…sail for sale. But really, what mind put this together and why would they stick it at this corner?

There were so many questions spinning in my head. To start with, how do you sell a Rental? And come on, really, why would you mention that the place was Full of Mold? And who would or could buy and apartment for Cash Only? Again, who would create such a sign and put it at the corner of Malibu & Mulholland?

It’s been driving me crazy.

Can any of you reading this blog offer some explanation? Are any of you brave enough to call the listed phone number and tell us what you learn? Maybe even visit this Great rental and take a few photos? Be sure to wear a mask to protect yourself from mold.

I’m looking forward to your report. Thanks so very much.


9 Responses to “Full Of Mold, Cash Only…”

  1. Greg Brandt says:

    Well….I finally got a call back after leaving 2 messages.
    Is it a moldy sail for sale? No. Is it a moldy sailboat for rent? No.
    Or is it a potential rental property full of mold that someone is selling? Yes!
    A very nice guy just called me and explained that he had a friend’s son write the signs. He himself DID put the signs in the ground but was in a hurry due to upcoming travel that he didn’t look that closely. He’s trying to close the deal on the rental in the San Fernando Valley and flip it to an investor. That’s all. He had a lovely sense of humor and we both had a good laugh at the confusing wording. He asked if I was an investor. I said I was a guitar maker and looking to invest in wood and a curious person in general…..and he hung up.

    • Frank Z says:

      That’s tremendous! I just about busted a gut laughing at your wonderful recounting of the conversation. I just left a message with the guy about 20 minutes ago. I wonder if he’ll call. Thank you so much, Greg, for making this call and solving this crazy riddle. I’m going to post your reply next week in my blog. You’re fudging awesome!

  2. Mary says:

    Too far away for me to call. Please take us all off tenterhooks!! Mary

    • Frank Z says:

      I’ll give it a couple more days in case a reader wants to call (I hate to spoil their experience), and then I’ll call and let you all know what I come up with.

  3. Seems someone is renting a sail that has a lot of mold on it – something that happens to sails.

  4. Greg Brandt says:

    Maybe they’re renting a “great” sailboat that’s full of mold and only accept cash.
    How about calling the number and finding out!
    I think I will.

  5. Neil says:

    call the number and relieve your anxiety

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