Lennon tiredI’ve been hearing John Lennon’s song in my brain a lot lately. It’s the heat probably. Yeah, must be.

September in Los Angeles is the hottest time of the year, mid-September especially. It was 111 degrees on my Prius temp gauge when I got in the front seat at the club parking lot on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The temp went down to 108 when I’d driven a few miles. Today, Sunday, it’s cooled off a bit to 104, but is going back up to 107 on Monday, but thank goodness the weather will get downright balmy at 100 by Wednesday.

A gruesome heat wave week. But hey, we live in a desert, what do you expect? People say that to me all the time, “This is a desert, you know.”

Not quite, I want to retort. Not really. Mojave, now there’s a desert and that’s miles to the East.





The San Fernando Valley was filled with orange groves and walnut groves when I moved here in the mid-50’s. Okay, granted, much of the water was “taken” from the Owens River…and yes, I saw the movie Chinatown. I know how the Valley got its water from the Owens Valley…

Wait a minute. What am I writing about anyway?

Oh, yes, how tired I am. That’s the thread here. I’m tired and maybe it’s the heat.


Then again, maybe the heat has nothing to do with my lethargy.

What is it then? What’s sapping my energy and draining my spirit?

These days I hear again and again the phrase I’m too tired to do one thing or another. Too tired to cook. Too tired to go out on the weekend. Too tired for company. Too tired to make a phone call. Too tired even to sleep. Too tired to do anything at all. Just too damn tired.

Bah“Stop it!” the little voice in my head says. Don’t be a bummer in this post. Don’t whine in your beer. Be creative and uplifting. Be solid and interpretive. Be yourself.

Yet when I’m tired, a new self emerges…my glass-half-empty self. How does one fill it up again?

Well, why not just remember the things I like to do and do them. That’s a prescription for curing depression I’ve heard before. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

Also, think about the people you love and love them. Is that too gushy for a post? “Too gushy for whom?” another voice in my head says.

Okay. So let’s see…what do I like to do?

Well, I’m doing it right now…writing. Writing this post. I like putting words together and changing them around…putting in those three little dots is something I’ve become a bit reliant upon lately, I admit, but hell, I like to do that…dot…dot…dot…

You could call those dots an ellipsis…but they’re not quite an ellipsis…not the way I use them anyway. I don’t use them as if something were missing, but rather as a kind of connector to a related thought…an introduction to something else…a pause on the bridge to the next increment of an idea.

Do the thing you love…for the sake of it…create meaning…out of nothingness.

ellipsis abuse


ellipis bully


I like that little bit of language manipulation. Some might call it ellipsis abuse, or simple language bullying. And I am sorry about that…the abuse I mean…not the fact that someone could be that committed to protecting the integrity of a series of dots.

I support that. I believe in standing up for something, of getting enthusiastic enough about some little thing that it can fill your being with energy…fending off the general apathy that can overtake one on a hot day.

Yes, I understand that.

In fact…look…I just did it with this post and all the posts I’ve written. I’m committed to them. This post marks number 170 on my own site, My So-Called Paradise…and many more on guest sites such as Gather and Blogger.

One-hundred-and-seventy weekly posts. Divide that by 52 weeks and you’ll find I’ve been writing posts here for over three years straight.

I have a right to feel tired…but instead of feeling tired, I feel much less tired than I did at the beginning of this post. It’s still hot, sure, but I’m almost finished with this post and my energy level is peaking.

I’m damned near excited…

Now where’s that gushy woman I love…lemme get my hands on her!


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  1. I’d respond…but I’m too tired.

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