Our winter here in Los Angeles was one, long, wet weekend as I reported a couple of weeks ago. The winter began on a midday Thursday and finished up by the end of Sunday. Temperatures were miserable though, getting down to 48 degrees…brrrr…it was tough believe me, really tough.

Fortunately for us, such rough weather hasn’t put off Spring. Far from it. It’s come early in fact. Oh, Spring…a chance to begin anew.

Today, Sunday, feels a bit like summer to be honest, with highs predicted in the high-eighties, which is good because Nettie and I are going to be play in the St. Patrick’s Day golf tournament and it’s hard to do well when you’re hands are frozen and your toes threaten frostbite.

Okay. Enough sarcasm. You East-Coaster hate us plenty already. I hear it’s still snowing out there. It must be dreadful. I’ve seen snow on TV…isn’t it white and wet and cold?

Plants parking lot


I went to our local hardware store yesterday, Franklin’s Hardware, for some stainless steel bolts to tune-up our golf carts for the tournament. As I parked, I could see spring plants on sale everywhere, spilling into the parking lot.

mom daughter distant


As I got closer, I noticed an old woman in a wheelchair with her 50-ish daughter pushing her around. I snapped a quick picture of them in front of pepper plants, tomatoes, and other vegetables.

They moved from there to the citrus trees seedlings in pots…lemon and orange and lime. The old woman picked out a lemon tree. Wow, I thought, what expectations she has. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

mom daughter


It’ll be something like 20 years before that tree bears fruit, 10 at least. Will she be alive in 10 years? In 20? Does she even consider it? Maybe not. Maybe she’s buying the tree for the sake of buying the tree. Nothing more.

Like the birds building nests all over our neighborhood this week. Will they be here next Spring when their babies build nests of their own? Who knows? Does it cross their minds? I doubt it.

That’s the way to live, isn’t it? With no expectations. Letting the sun rise without your help. Letting the moon blossom in the night sky without you tugging it along. All by itself. For you and not for you. With you and without you.



We’ve got to wear green today for the St. Paddy’s golf scramble. For those of you new to golfing, a “scramble” means our team of four hits the ball, and then the best ball hit becomes the position from which we next hit our ball. Make sense? No? Well, who cares? Which is kind of the message of St. Patrick’s Day, or at least the way we Americans celebrate it.

It’s a celebration of Spring, really, hence its association with the Shamrock, the early blooming three-leafed clover. The three leaves have their connection to the concept of the Trinity (father, son, Holy Ghost), and from there to Easter and Resurrection…the Big Expectation Theme of Spring.

golf cart


I’m writing this an hour or so before the tournament starts. I’ll take some photos and plop ’em in when I get back. I’m pretty sure the day will begin with drinks, also an Irish tradition. Then onto the first tee.

Nettie and I don’t expect to win, of course. We’ll be happy just to make a couple of nice putts or perhaps a good drive or two, or even a decent chip or pitch.

“Hold on!” I say to myself. “No expectations, remember? None.”

JamesonOne foot in front of the other, nothing more, which may be expectation enough after the Jameson and Baileys have been passed around.



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