From the monthly archives: March 2014

Who Are We? Why Are We?

March 30, 2014 by

Inexplicably I find myself interested again in the William Shakespeare authorship controversy, specifically in finding out who the real author was of what we call the Shakespeare Plays and Sonnets. But fear not, this post is not about the authorship controversy. It’s about why I’m interested in it. The Shakespeare mystery is a kind of […]

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The walk to the beach reminded me of going to a rock concert in the 60s…the journey from the everyday world to a community event in another world entirely. In this case, the “concert” was the Holi Spring Festival at a Santa Monica beach. We started out on suburban streets. And came upon others on […]

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Expectations of Spring

March 16, 2014 by

Our winter here in Los Angeles was one, long, wet weekend as I reported a couple of weeks ago. The winter began on a midday Thursday and finished up by the end of Sunday. Temperatures were miserable though, getting down to 48 degrees…brrrr…it was tough believe me, really tough. Fortunately for us, such rough weather […]

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I remember seeing Jacqueline Bisset one morning at Heathrow Airport. She was in front of me in the security line, far enough ahead so that as we snaked along, winding back and forth, we came face to face a row a part. Our eyes met and she knew that I knew who she was. I […]

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The Cacophony of Doom

March 2, 2014 by

I heard the vague, and vaguely familiar, sound of water on my rooftop Wednesday night. Could it be? They’d been predicting it. But was it really here? I slid open the patio doors. The concrete decking around the pool glistened in the dining room light that shone upon it, and the surface of the pool […]

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