It was my wife, Annette’s, birthday on Saturday, September 21st. It’s the forty-third one we’ve celebrated together, and no, I’m not telling you the year of the first one we shared!

Some of these birthdays have featured surprise parties and trips to various places like Jamaica, Italy, New Orleans, etc., as well as cruises onboard our boat, Aqua Sunlight, in St. Thomas, USVI, and there have been wonderful brunches and dinners prepared by our kids. Lots of great birthdays, indeed.

Grand banks




I’ll tell you one thing I’ve noticed, there sure seems to be an abundance of September birthdays around us. Nettie has nearly a dozen friends and family whose birthdays are in September. My own mother’s was September 17th, and our eldest son’s fiancee has her birthday in September as well.

Hmmm…what does it all mean?

Is my wife a natural magnet for like-minded Virgos? Is it an alpha-female thing that’s operating in the mystical world of femininity? Or are there just more births in September than any other month of the year so that the natural distribution of things means we all have more friends with September birthdays?

Yes, that’s it. I looked it up. There are more births in September, the ninth month of the year, than in any other month, with the most common birthdate of all falling on September 16th.

Why? Well, the web is filled with answers on this question as well. Here’s a summary of the wisdom of the multitudes, which is really just variations on a single theme:

  • Winter weather – excellent time for indoor sport.
  • What else is there to do when it’s 20 below outside and mounds of snow?
  • Holiday season, you’re home from work, time to get to know your partner again.
  • New Year’s Eve! Need I say more?

Guess what’s the second most abundant month for birthdays? May. Can you guess why? That’s right, people tend to party on their birthday in September. So, September conceptions equal May births nine months later give or take a week or two.

It’s not hard to imagine it happening for each of our parents. The Christmas dinner, or in Nettie’s case, the Hanukkah meal, is finished. The wine has been enjoyed. There’s a fire in the hearth. If the couple already has kids, they’re fast asleep in bed with visions of sugarplums or jelly donuts in their head. A little music fills the heated air, say Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra. Maybe a hot toddy is prepared as the candles mellow the light and the windows steam up.

Xmas Card


Another September baby in the making. Another birthday just nine months away. Perfect and natural. The rhythm of the holiday season.

But what about winter births like mine? I was born December 28th on a snowy Friday afternoon outside of Lincoln, England. Could it have been the first stirrings of the fertility of Spring in late March, nine months earlier, that sparked my entry into this world? And is my own spirit fertile enough to imagine a party that my parents might have put on to celebrate the coming of that Spring?

I think so. I can see an evening they shared with friends to say good riddance to England’s horrible winter? Was there alcohol served at this party? I’m sure there was. Did my father imbibe? Most definitely. Did my mother imbibe. Certainly. Did the party last into the wee hours of the night as the final guests left and the lights were turned off one by one, and the doors were locked and the windows were closed and the bed was turned back, and…

…and yes, I can imagine such a night for them, and yes, like them, the time has come for that night to fade to black and to let nature run its course.






5 Responses to Imagining Birthdays In September And December

  1. Happy birthday Annette and hope you
    Two earth signs had a most romantic
    Evening. Hope to see you soon with
    All of us in good health.


  2. elizabeth jelley says:

    Hi Frank

    Not just Spring but probably the Easter Holiday. The first official holiday here after Christmas which is eagerly awaited with the promise of (perhaps?) warmer weather.

    Hi Annette.

    Love from Elizabeth of York

  3. Ursula says:

    First of all, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nettie!!!!!!
    I missed it because I also have a multitude of birthday celebrations in September: first, my mother (Sept.27) then my first child (Sept.1) and then my grandchild (Sept.22). Aside from various friends and people I’ve known. Your theory sounds reasonable and I have always blamed the cold NE winters for the same thing.
    Miss you all, Ursula

  4. Frank Z says:

    Dave, you could be right! Best wishes for the Autumn season ahead. fz

  5. Dave says:

    First photo taken at Piacere? Could be the year my long-lost twin sister and I met.

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