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Nettie and I attended a beautiful wedding yesterday in a beautiful location, the Adamson House on Malibu Beach, for a very beautiful couple, the children of our beautiful friends (you all know who you are).

What a great day and what a great way to begin life together. We wish the bride and groom eons of wonderful years ahead filled with galaxies of good times and an infinity of good health!

Malibu Courthouse


My hyperbole began to run over the moment Nettie and I arrived at the shuttle location in front of the Malibu Courthouse (there’s no parking near the Adamson House). We counted the years ago that we came here for our own union…not to the Adamson house, you understand, but to the courthouse, itself, for our civil ceremony.

The details of what brought us here on that Friday afternoon in 1970 at 4:30pm are compelling, unnerving, depressing, ridiculous, and would be unbelievable if they were not true. They could make a novella or a reality show today, but suffice it to say, that getting hitched in this way was our best strategy to keep our crazy family from killing us and the cops from our door.

When we arrived at the courthouse, we had to wait for the judge to return from lunch (I guess it was a bit more than a two martini lunch he was enjoying). When he finally did arrive a few minutes before 5pm, he said he couldn’t marry us without a ring. I thought he was kidding, trying to add a Kapraesque flavor to the couple of misfit kids in front of him. But he was serious.

Fortunately, his secretary agreed to take off her own wedding ring and hand it to me to slip onto Annette’s finger at the appointed moment. But then the judge raised another issue that prevented the marriage. Our friend, Barbara, whom we’d brought as a witness, was underage to be a witness in the Great State of California. The secretary came to our aid again, volunteering to witness the brief ritual, and she stood by our side quietly sniffling and wiping away tears from her Kapraesque face.

I’ve wondered many times over the years whatever happened to this remarkable women who was the only member of our wedding party. A person whose name we never new, whose face neither of us can remember, and who graciousness we can never repay. Dear woman, wherever you are, we cherish you!

Colorized kids at the beach


Not only was our wedding party a bit scant, but we didn’t have any of the traditional marriage accoutrement, such as champagne for a toast, or flowers for a bouquet, or music to guide us, or even a camera to document the occasion. If we had owned a camera, and if we had thought of bringing it along with us, we might have taken a photo.

And if we had walked across the street from the Malibu courthouse to the shore in front of the Adamson House, the photo we would have taken might have looked something like this picture, which was taken a year or so later. Those flowers Annette is holding, which are probably beach drift she collected, could then have been called her wedding bouquet.

But alas, we didn’t and they aren’t.

But you know what? It doesn’t make any difference to the life we’ve had and the love we’ve shared. We’re coming up on our 43rd wedding anniversary on October 7th, and we’ve got plenty of mileage left in us thank you very much. It’s been a great ride, with great kids as proof of some of our good choices, and we have our older son’s, Miles, wedding coming up at the end of the year to a beautiful woman named Jaymie…but more about that as the time approaches.

So yeah, the message to the kids at the Adamson House who got married today is pretty simple. I would just like to say, and without hyperbole this time, I wish today’s wedding couple, Alexandra and Spencer, all the joy and love that Annette and I have shared through the good times and the bad, through the challenges and the easy cake.

And believe me that’s a wedding gift fit for a king and queen of every fairy tale ever written and every dream every dreamed by anybody throughout time on this planet or any planet in this universe or the million billion zillion universes that might exist or might ever have existed…







6 Responses to A Beach Wedding

  1. Sunny Tneoh says:

    Wow! Frank happy 43 rd anniversary and thanks for sharing your very touching story.

  2. Beverly Pine says:

    Very touching! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Virginia says:

    Really great story. Very touching. I loved the photo of you two! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! My husband and I were ‘this close’ to having our wedding at Adamson House back in 1987, but had it in the backyard of our house instead. That Malibu location is to die for, but our wedding turned out perfect for us. Several times over the years, we happened to be walking the beach and would come across a wedding taking place there. It is always beautiful.

  4. Love this beautiful story and the times you
    Have shared which are to be treasured.
    You are both such special people and of
    Course your children are special too.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love the pic at the beach (and the sentimental story, too). So happy for the modern convenience of stealing photos. Keeping that one for my personal stash.

  6. Mark says:

    43 happy years in October! Fantastic.

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