The idea for a post can occur on Monday night

Or Tuesday morning. Which is good because

It gives me the full week to cogitate,

Otherwise known as procrastinate.


Or maybe my brain is dead

Until Wednesday.

Then something happens.

Something startling perhaps.

Or ridiculous enough to wrench

Me out of my lethargy. Not necessarily an event.


A setting can do it. Even a tranquil setting.

Seals on a beach at the mouth of the Russian River

Where I went for a wedding last weekend.

Seals Closeup



Look at them. Wow…

What are they doing down there?

Just relaxing for hours and hours?

Enjoying their life without any guilt?

Then rolling into the sea to cool their blubber?

Then back on the sand for another five hours of snoozing?

No work to catch up on for Thursday?

No cleaning the house or mowing the lawn?

No blog to write on Friday? Damn seals!


Or perhaps it’s an striking image

That suggests a blog to me on Saturday.

An image I might come across in my Pictures Folder.

Red Glasses by themselves


Or a dusty item in a drawer from the distant past.


A pair of antique glasses, for instance,

That I bought at an Army/Navy Store in 1968

And removed the glass and put in red lenses.

The lenses changed the way the world appeared.

Not rosier, necessarily, but more interesting.


Red Glasses Portrait


I haven’t worn these glasses in a very long time.

I put them on to see how I looked.

Okay…I had hair back then.

And no gray in my beard. But the tie-dye sheet

On my wall was pretty much the same.

Or at least I remember it that way.


Then the decades tumble forward,

College, marriage, career, children,

The marriage of children…and

Grandchildren in the future, maybe.


No need for red glasses now.

The world has changed all by itself.

And that’s always interesting to write a blog about.





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  1. Hugo says:

    that is such a cool picture of you, it is now permanently on your contact file on my phone. as an art piece it should be called ” peace, love and moonshine”

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