From the monthly archives: June 2013

My Doctor, The Alien

June 23, 2013 by

My cough started about six weeks ago in Warsaw. I figured it would go away in a day or so, or maybe a day or so after that. Then, after a few weeks of hacking and rotting my teeth on cough syrup, the end of our trip was near enough that it seemed best to […]

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I’m exhausted, though morning has just begun. I came in late last night (early this morning) at 2:30 a.m. after a long 6+ hour drive down Highway 5 with Nettie and other family members. Fortunately, I wasn’t driving, my son, Graham, was. I was trying to keep my bum from permanently reconfiguring itself into the […]

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Child’s Play

June 10, 2013 by

It’s 4:23 a.m. in Prague, Saturday morning and I can’t sleep. I’ve been lying awake for hours going over in my mind our two month trip that ends tomorrow, Sunday, when we fly back home to California. It’s been a remarkable trip for both Nettie and me, clarifying and deepening our understanding of the history […]

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The Popular Kid

June 3, 2013 by

Amid a flotilla of umbrellas, across the liquid air of the market square, Nettie and I toddle along like duckies following mama duck, or in this case, papa duck, our tour guide leader, as we puddle our way through Prague’s Old Town. It’s the rainiest week here in fifty years. Exhilarating! Or it would be […]

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