From the monthly archives: February 2013

The Sundays come quickly (my composition day for my Monday morning post), and I’m not always all tuned up and ready to burst from the starting gate with a new post. So…here’s a shot at freewheeling… Saturday night, Nettie and I came home tired from a bike ride along the beach with friends. It was […]

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All This Useless Beauty

February 18, 2013 by

No, not the Elvis Costello album, though I think that’s when I first heard the phrase, All This Useless Beauty. Rather, I’m referring to the beauty all around us and my foolish need to find some meaning in it. Nettie and I were in St. Thomas for the last two weeks. Lots of beauty there […]

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I Had A Hippopotamus

February 11, 2013 by

Annette and I have been in St. Thomas visiting friends the last two weeks and reliving the good times we shared just a couple years ago as full-time residents. The emotional re-entry into one’s past life has been remarkable, but best left for another blog or perhaps another many blogs when I have more time. […]

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High Pocket – Chapter 23

February 3, 2013 by

Hello All, Today I’m posting Chapter 23 of High Pocket. In this chapter, Jake, Sandy and Mary will find out if their months of planning are up to the challenges of reaching the 3800′. Cheers, fz Chapter 23 Both Sandy and Mary thought it best to leave the old engine connected to the cables and hoist […]

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