Huevos New YearsIt’s New Years Eve and all is well…at least for the moment, at least in our kitchen, at least halfway through our huevos rancheros breakfast. And that’s my new years resolution…to live in the Present, baby, to stay in the Now.

Sounds easy, right? Nah, be serious, it sounds impossible.

We are by nature, planners. We plan for the future, both the distant future as in “what are we going to do when we grow up, what college will we go to, will we get married, will we have kids, when do we retire….and die? (Oh, I guess the planning does stop then.)

But we also plan the minutae as in “what are we going to wear today, when should we shower, what’s for lunch or dinner, what movie should we see, should we take the freeway or the canyon to work, get gas now or on the way back?

On and on it goes, endlessly spinning the world in our head as it spins on its own axis with no help and no influence from us.

So, yes, be here now the sage has said, and again I’ll make my resolution to live in the Present, baby, to stay in the Now.

I’m determined to do one thing in my pursuit of this goal. (I know I’m already not doing it by the simple act of making a plan to do it!) That one thing is to lower my expectations of everything. It’s those damn expectations I have that lead to such bummers in my head. So, I’m changing my head.

And speaking of heads, I remember a time in the rosy hippie days when my head was in decent shape. It was a brief time, I admit, and perhaps I’m waxing under the influence of fuzzy memories, but I have a photograph I’ve mashed together that combines a couple elements of crucial importance from that fable time.

One is the psychedelic artwork that was pervasive and effective in blocking out the hum-drum perspective of the straight world…always a bummer. The other is a pair of red glasses that I put together in 1967 from an antique glass frame I bought at the Army Navy store and red plastic lenses I cut out of a sheet of plastic and snapped into the glass frame.

Red Glasses hippietrippie

When I put those glasses on (in various mental states I admit), the world turned, well, rosy. Wherever I cast my gaze, things were brighter, cheerier, more colorful. Smiling on the inside if not on the outside.

It’s amazing to me that I’ve held onto these glasses all this time. That I haven’t lost them or broken them, given them away or tossed them into the trash. Perhaps there was a purpose to them after all. I think I know what it is.

Tonight at midnight, I’m going to put them on, for a few minutes at least, and remember again the time way back then when my expectations were very low indeed and my future murky at best.

I’ll acknowledge at the stroke of twelve that somehow I got from there to here, that somehow enough of my dreams came true to make my life fulfilled, that somehow I find myself in the ever-present Now and that somehow all is well.

And that’s what I wish for you who are reading this blog today…a new year filled with the wonderful things you didn’t plan on and the dreams you didn’t to expect to come true.

Have a glorious 2013!

Cheers, fz






4 Responses to Huevos New Years

  1. Maxwell says:

    Yo Frankie…

    Sorry I won’t see you this evening, but my thoughts will be with you and Nettty. Ah, the sixties, what a time I had. I was young and everything was possible and the good times rolled. Almost a distant memory now…

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be the best one yet 🙂
    So much to look forward to and accomplish.
    I so enjoyed your posts throughout the year. Please continue to put smiles on all of our faces!
    Feliz Ano Nuevo 2013

  3. Michael Z says:

    Anthony Hopkins was asked in an interview what the secret to his serenity was. “Simple,” he repled. “I expect nothing, and I accept everything.”

    Happy New Year and good luck on your resolution…

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