From the monthly archives: November 2012

High Pocket – Chapter 20

November 26, 2012 by

Hello All, Today I’m posting Chapter 20 of High Pocket. In this chapter, Jake reveals the personal demons that make him determined to go ahead with the retrieval plan despite Mary’s plea to call it off. Cheers, fz Chapter 20 I wasn’t sure who to tell first, Mary or Sandy, about the new way down to […]

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Pilgrim Vacation

November 19, 2012 by

For those of you who’ve been reading the serialization of my novel, High Pocket, you know I’m due to post Chapter 20 today. Well, as the narrator of that book might say, “It ain’t likely to happen.” I’m taking this week off in honor of the turkey cooking festivities we call Thanksgiving. I wish you all […]

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Downtown Los Angeles Is Alive

November 12, 2012 by

What creates a city? Buildings? Commerce? Streets? Cars? No. People, of course. They may settle first as farmers. Or ranchers. Or prospectors. In some way they stake a claim on open land. They build a house, plow a field, raise a family, make a life. And with that life, they begin a community, then a town, […]

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It sounds lovely, The Meadows. And it is lovely. It’s a retirement home where my wife’s aunt, Lillian and her uncle Hal, currently reside. It’s in Northern California, which is where I’m writing this post. I’m up here this weekend with much of the family and the extended family to celebrate her uncle Hal’s 90th […]

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