From the monthly archives: September 2012

The Dreams Of Endeavour

September 24, 2012 by

I’m not exactly a NASA buff or even a space buff per se. I liked Star Trek as a kid, sure, and Star Wars as a young adult and Blade Runner and Alien…well, maybe I do like the sci-fi thing a bit. But anyway, I wouldn’t call myself a stars and moon guy, unless you […]

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High Pocket – Chapter 17

September 17, 2012 by

Hello All, Today I’m posting Chapter 17 of High Pocket. In this chapter, Jake faces his growing obsession with the gold-lined cavern, while Sandy nearly kills himself in a dangerous explosion. Cheers, fz Chapter 17 After dinner with my dad, things got confusing for me. Not so much because of what he’d said or even because […]

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I’m not talking about what or who you’re committed to; I’m talking about your level of commitment. When do you know you’re really committed to something? When do you commit wholeheartedly to landing that sucka no matter what it takes? In this political season (in what I think is a critical political season), I feel […]

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The Boy And The Bobcats

September 3, 2012 by

A young boy lived on a ranch at the end of a long dirt drive that fronted a busy highway. His grandfather told him stories about the bobcats that used to roam the hills in abundance when he was a kid. The young boy wished he could see a bobcat and dreamed of having one […]

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