I was driving along on a two lane highway yesterday and came upon an unusual sight…a bobcat, a dead bobcat by the side of the road. They are rather rare animals in my part of the world, Southern California, and to see it here, dead, was a bit of a shock.

Another car pulled to the side of the road. A man got out with a camera around his neck. He took a photo of the bobcat. I took a picture of him.

Then I took a few other pictures of the nearby environment…an abandoned dairy across the highway, a fruit stand, a dirt drive to a cowboy ranch.

The images began to collect in my imagination and form a story in my head that connected them all together. What is that story? Well, I thought you might find it interesting to take a look at the pictures below and come up with a story yourself that connects these pictures.

Send me a comment about it, and next week I’ll share my story that sprang from these pictures.

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4 Responses to Every Picture Tells A Story

  1. Ursula McNeil says:

    Do you think that cat only wanted a sip of milk??? Love, Ursula

  2. cynthia Maxwell says:

    How horribly sad. But Frank they aren’t that rare here in the Santa Monica’s I have seen them several times. Come on a hike in the early morning and you have a chance I have seen them right in my back yard. The word really needs to get out about the need for Wildlife corridors. This guy would not have been hit if one was available. We are working hard to get them established and do have some success.

    Want to get involved?


    • FZ says:

      Thanks, Zin. We’ll definitely take that hike with you in the near future. I remember as a kid hiking through the mountains nearly every day in the summertime, and I’d see a bobcat fairly often. I’d like to come upon them again.

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