Sunday morning I considered writing a post about the little flower box that Netty and I put together yesterday and hung on our fence. I think it’s rather lovely.

I wondered why we had waited so long to build it. We’ve looked at this blank fence for, I don’t know, nearly two years since we’ve been back from St. Thomas.

But then I realized just why we completed this little flower box today…to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th jubilee — The Diamond Jubilee.


She’s only the second monarch to reach this milestone in British history. The first was her great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria. This Elizabeth was regal even as a little girl.

Absolutely, I thought to myself, our little flower box was meant for this event! But is it royal enough? Sure it is. It’s the symbolic nature of an object that’s important, not the fact of it.

As I watched the Queen’s Jubilee on CNN hosted by Piers Morgan (by the way, does this egotistical sod ever shut up!?), the scene on the River Themes looked like the depths of winter, bloody pouring rain on June 3. That’s my jolly old England!


I tip my hat to Elizabeth. She’s my Queen certainly. I’m still a British Subject as well as an American citizen; and after writing Passage From England, I know physical passages are one thing and internal journeys are yet another. I do feel the tug of this event. I do feel a part of it.

It’s these traditions that provide a sense of continuity in the transitory nature of our lives. They create the links to our history, smeared in blood and good cheer alike. That’s why the Jubilee matters. It is permanence in a very impermanent life.

These cliches are cliches because of their gravitas, their pang of truth. It’s reassuring to see all these Brits standing in the drenching rain on boat decks and shorelines waving their tiny plastic Union Jacks to the little old lady dressed in white, who looks so like an angel shining in the gloom of this English afternoon.

These Brits are waving to their best selves they see in her. They’re waving to their own hopes, to their own dreams and to their determination to make them come true in spite of the rain that will surely intrude into their lives.

That’s what our little flower box will be for Netty and me…another symbol of our durability together, another bright spot in the dark skies that must inevitably come our way as well.

Here’s to Queen Elizabeth! Here’s to Hope and Glory! Long live the Queen!

And here’s wishing you all clear skies ahead!

Cheerio mates, cheerio!






5 Responses to The Jubilee Flower Box

  1. Mary Mallik says:

    Couldn’t have have put it better myself! Love to all from your Ex-Pat neighbour in Lincoln – Mary 🙂

    • fz says:

      Thanks, Mary. She’s still our Queen and England’s still our country. Hope all is well with you and family downunder.


  2. ytg says:

    Killed it, dad.

  3. fz says:

    Thanks, Mate…or it that “Matey” down there?

  4. Mark says:

    Jolly well done old chap!

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