As parents, you want your kids to be happy. You do. And you want your kids to be successful. You just do.

And fulfilled. And loved. And to reach their potential…or yours…uh-oh…

As children, they want to be themselves. Whatever that is. And especially when they’re not sure what that is.

It’s a puzzlement. For all concerned.

My son, Graham, is a comedian. He always was. He always will be. He and his comedic partner, Danny, are The Terrible Twos.

They’re so funny you have to go to the bathroom before you go to their show.

Netty and I went to the Improv Lab Saturday Night to see The Terrible Twos perform their Two Person Variety Show. We went to the bathroom first. Good thing because…

…they were stupendous!

They were successful. And fulfilled. And loved by the cheering, laughing, choking, crying, whistling, falling-all-over-themselves audience.

They were reaching their potential in front of everyone’s eyes.

And Netty and I, Graham’s parents, were happy.

And that’s what our children really want for us…to be happy for them…and for ourselves.

It’s not a puzzlement. It’s enlightenment…or close enough.

So be enlightened. Check out the laughter gurus at their next Improv Lab show on May 19th at 7pm.

Or click their link to start laughing now: The Terrible Twos – Life is tough. Be silly.


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  1. So kind. So glad to have accomplished these things. So wonderful. THANKS!!!!

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