I’m sitting here at my desk on Easter morning, after a Seder dinner we hosted Saturday night (we’ve got both major world religions covered).

I’m tired and it’s Spring Break as well. I was just going to take the blog day off.

But no.

I wanted at least to pass onto you my favorite quotation about success. It comes from Winston Churchill, who’s got a whole passel full of insights about a whole passel of things. Here’s what he said:

Success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

What I especially like about this point of view is the position that you’re in control of your world. The world inside your head. Which is where the world resides. Right?

So, I try to remain upbeat in the face of opposition. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But I’m thrilled to be in the game.

Spring is here and Mother Nature is at it again. She’s got no time for failure. Every little thing will find its way into the sun. The chick keeps pecking in darkness until the light breaks through. Hip-hip-hooray!

Now I’m going fishing!





2 Responses to What Is Success?

  1. fz says:

    You’re too kind. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stephanie says:

    You, my dear Bro-in-law, are one of the most successful people in matters of life, love and living. I admire you for that and can only hope to follow in yours and Annette’s footsteps.

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