Well, I’ve gotten through the stress and blessing of family and friends this holiday season. It’s been exhausting and¬†exhilarating at the same time. And now it’s Boxing Day, a day to get a bit silly with ugly sweaters and goony hats, a long afternoon nap on the couch with kids in the background, the ballgame on TV somewhere in the house, and the in-laws’s dogs peddling around the hardwood floors.

For me the holidays are lived in my head as much as in reality. In fact, as the days and weeks pass, as the new year advances, the images and emotions and selective memories of the event begin to coalesce in my mind. These snapshots of memory are recorded as if on a hard disk, held there until the next holidays overwrite them with new memories.

The image of one Christmas, though, remains intact above all others. I’m not sure why; I’m not sure how. But something warm and safe and beautiful cradled the living room for a few fleeting moments as I lay back on my couch.

Fortunately, a camera was nearby and I took a snapshot of the presence in front of me.

When I printed the roll of film (this was before the age of digital cameras), I searched quickly through my stack of prints, hoping the fleeting image in my head of that evening had been captured with anything remotely resembling my memory of it.

And there is was, perfect and rare. My mind’s eye externalized in Kodachrome!

Many holidays have come and gone since I took this shot, and many more will arrive, but I suspect this will be image that remains when all my time has passed.

Christmas Night


4 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. Maxwell says:

    What typos??? or am I a dummy. My distant memories of xmas are exactly that…distant and not all that memorable. Not a sad story, just the way it was…oh wait I do remember one xmas when my brother and I both got wind-up sub-machine guns. They were great toys, but probably very annoying to adults as they made a hell of a racket and shot out sparks from the muzzle. My brother and I spent the whole day killing each other. My best Christmas’s have been spent with you guys at Kim & Mikes… See you New Years.

    • fz says:

      You’re not a dummy. I fixed two typos and updated. Thanks for the lovely comment. I’ve got memorable moments to treasure with you.


  2. fz says:

    Thanks for the kind words and memories. I don’t mind you pointing out typos…just tell me where they are next time so I don’t have to hunt for them!

    Cheers for the new year in Canada.


  3. Frank Mewes says:

    Nice pic, Frankie! Remembers me of my own most beloved xmas moment so long ago, when I lived with my dad’s grandparents. The real xmas tree was loaded with real candles, edible cookies and other sweets, small fruits dry and fresh, as well as old-fashioned richly ornamented decorative items. The looks, the smell!!! I’ve never again seen an xmas tree carrying such a splendid and delicious bounty. Must be a fashion of the past. And I don’t have a pic of it, but somehow the one you posted above brings it all back. Thanks, man! Happy holidays and, yes, many more of these warm and enveloping moments to you and your loved ones!
    PS: if you don’t mind me being anal, check out your typos. And hit me if you do mind! Though, you know, man, I love you!

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