The Glory Of Color

A few years ago, my wife and I went to New England to see the Fall Colors. We started in Maine in mid-September and headed south to Massachusetts a couple of weeks later, tracking the early colors in the North as they made their way South along the autumnal trail. They were spectacular!

But you know what? The colors of the trees and bushes that humbly decorate our neighborhood are pretty remarkable themselves. A little constrained, perhaps, by fences or power lines, by the occasional ugly trash can or beat-up car, but worthy of careful viewing nevertheless.

The brilliant reds appear first — vibrant cardinals, the brash scarlet, the rusty reds and chestnuts, the strident crimson and cerise, the sedate carmine and orangey vermillion, and of course, the delicate rose and blushing magentas.

The purples surprised me. Whole trees blanketed in dizzying shades from heilotrope to indigo. Proper purples and royal purples and violets and milk thistle.

And at my feet everywhere, the world was carpeted in golds and browns…chocolate, auburn, russet, sepia, seal, and tawny, copper, taupe, and beige.

Unfortunately, like the moments of our life, these delicate seasonal hues do not last nearly long enough. All these glorious colors that were the pallette of the morning just a few days ago are now mostly gone, so I’m glad I took my camera with me on the day they shone against the hurrying winter.

Click on the image to take a look at that morning of glory.

(Oh, if you have any trouble seeing the images once the Flickr page appears, just click the “previous” arrow key at the top of the viewer then the “next” arrow to view them all. The dang slide-show feature is buggy!)



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