I’ve been working all week on turning the kid’s old bedroom into my office. My old home office will become Annette’s new studio. Other musical-chair changes will be going on in our home as well in the months ahead.

But it’s my new office that is engaging most of my brain power these days…not the spackling and patching, not the priming and the final color selection, which is a soft moccasin brown accented with a single wall of deep forest green. No, it’s not these that consume me, nor does the issue of furnishings plague me, the desk options, the chair selection, and file cabinet choices.

No, it’s not the physical changes of the space itself that envelop me, but rather the mental rearrangement that’s taking place inside me as the physical space emerges — My New Office. What does it mean?

Many things all at once: Another change in the pattern of one’s life. The kids have long left home, and their bedroom is very old news indeed. My days will take place now in a new location in the home, facing a new direction on the planet, South, previously it was East. I see already in the shadows that fill the room that the day with begin later and end earlier. This room is also closer to the master bedroom, closer to the kitchen, too, more centrally located in the house. I like that. These all could be themes of change in my life.

But really only one theme emerges as I reflect on this new office of mine…the theme of work.

“No excuses now,” the office whispers as I enter it. “Get back to work on the new book. Come on, now, get to work.”

Like nest building, this remodeling I’ve done has a specific purpose — birth, development, and then the flight of a new life.

I’ve got to sign off now. I’ve got work to do.








8 Responses to My New Office

  1. Mary E. says:

    New beginnings are exciting and we are all excited about what you will share with us next-Love xoxo

  2. Ursula McNeil says:

    all of us expect great works to come out of this new elegant space! Quite a responsibility you laid on yourself.
    Love to both,

  3. Carol McCarthy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a new space ( a beautifully done space, I might add) gives such a new and I sense emerging perspective. I await with batted breath to see what comes from this new shift. Big Hugs to you both!!

  4. Dave McCall says:

    Hey Frank, That fertile seed in your head should germinate well in any garden…now get to sprouting. Cheers,

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