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Over the last few days, I’ve been snapping pictures of the hurricane damage folks here have sustained on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It’s been a  few weeks since Hurricane Irene smashed into these barrier islands, and a lot of clean-up has already taken place, but there’s plenty of evidence of the mess she made of this beautiful playground.

The new Jennette’s Pier (completed just this May) clocked winds at 139mph. Fortunately, its impressive concrete undercarriage did just fine. Check out the home page for this modern, super-pier using the link at the end of this post. It’s a pretty amazing place, complete with wind turbines, underground water reservoirs for recycled heating/cooling systems, innovative aquariums, and educational programs. Of course, it’s got fishing, too (blue fish, drum, spot, flounder, skate, etc!)

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But to get back to the hurricane…the storm did most of its damage with the water surge that raged as high as twelve feet in the Croatan Sound, which is the “inland” side of the Outer Banks.

The storm did “over-wash” the bank islands themselves in some areas, and tore out the narrow coastal highway to Hatteras Island, which is still closed to visitors. Check out the link below for a travel map of the Outer Banks so you’ll have an idea of how the Atlantic can literally, and rather easily, crash over the banks and enter the sound.

To see the photos I snapped with Nettie acting as art director, go to my Gallery page at Hurricane Irene – Damage Photos.

Information Links:

Jennette’s Pier at Nag’s Head

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