What makes a secret fishing spot? First, you’re the only one there. Second, it’s a beautiful location. Third, you catch fish with acceptable regularity. I found such a spot the other day along the Malibu/Ventura Coast.

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I came upon it almost by accident. I’d driven this stretch of PCH hundreds if not thousands of times over the years and never noticed the broken down fence with enough erosion at the base of it that I could slip under and carefully goat-step my way down the steep cliff to the sand below.

When I got home later that day, I opened Google Earth to look more carefully at the geography of the water. Is that right? Geography and water? Yeah. From the satellite photos, I could see the hidden, underwater features a few hundred feet off-shore–the kelp beds, the different shades of blue that revealed shoals and sunk holes and rock beds. Not in detail, of course, but clear enough that I could estimate the best place to set up my pole and fish.

As I tinkered with the Google Earth program, I got to dwelling on just how odd and amazing it was to be using a computerized piece of gadgetry to hone in on the primeval elegance of nature. But, heck, that’s where we’re at in this time of our history on this planet. A few years from now, I guess, we’ll be teleporting the fish right out of the water and into our frying pans, or better yet, right into our stomachs. Surely, that will take some of the fun out of the fishing gambit.

So, how did I do fishing my new spot? Well, here’s my dinner:

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See their little heads burried under the mound of vegies? Okay, so not exactly an Old Man And The Sea catch. But, hey, they were tasty with a stack of tortillas and a blender full of margaritas.

And just where is this secret fishing spot of mine? Well, I can’t tell ya ‘cause then it wouldn’t be a secret now would it?

Oh, and the photo of the shoreline above…it’s a phoney so don’t think about Googling it and trying to match up the images.

I guess you’ll have to get into your gas-burning vehicle and drive up and down the antique highway, scanning the shoreline with your old-fashioned eyes, processing the images with your unreliable, primate brain, and trying to make a decision with a hope and a prayer or a simple toss of the coin.

Good luck to you, my friend.





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  1. Ursula McNeil says:

    We used to summer in Camden, Maine, and one of our favorite fishing spots was just above the actual Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” house. One time we packed the kids, dogs, picnic and fishing poles and headed out. When we got near the spot, we let out the dogs (labradors) who always rushed to the water’s edge and when we finally got all our bodies and belongings to the beach, we found them rolling in a sea of dead and very smelly fish to their utter delight!
    Needless to say, no fishing that day and we made the dogs run after the car all the way home, there was no chance in hell putting them in the back of the car!
    Love, Ursula

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