The sun was just coming over the Santa Monica Mountains as I headed south on Topanga Canyon entering the “Old Town” center of the canyon on my way to the beach. Another glorious morning of fishing ahead of me along the shore.

In an instant, the world around me changed. There, off to the left, was an unbelieveable sight…a clapboard sign with the words, Botox Tuesday! $9 per unit.

Where am I, I almost asked myself out loud. I’m in the middle of the Hippie World, aren’t I?

Sure I am. There’s the Country Natural Foods where patchouli oil scents the air and organic alphalfa sprouts fluff the bulgar sandwich spread. There’s the Butan Shop with its mystical connection to the Dalai Lama. Next door is the candle shop and the incense stand and…well, you get the idea.

How could Botox be advertised here? It was astounding and depressing. Whatever happened to the no-shaved-legs, the no-shaved underarm, the braless girls with free-flowing hair and swaying hips? Where had all the flowers gone?

Who would shoot the botulism toxin into the temple of their body to paralyze the muscles that form wrinkles? Well, something like a million and a half people did it last year.

I realized then just how naïve’ the little world inside my head was. For not only has the world changed, it has grown older. My generation is now old enough to NEED Botox. We’re all wrinkled up. And Botox Tuesday was undeniable proof of that in the middle of Topanga Canyon.

Face it, dude, the seasons do go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down…we can’t return…

I drove on, steeply down through the throat of the canyon, onward to the beach, where the surf is always up and the girls are forever young and golden brown.


4 Responses to Botox Tuesday!

  1. Gwyn Swyers says:

    Botulinum inhibits the body’s production of acetylcholine within the nervous system, the chemical that produces a bridge across synapses, where nerve cell axons and dendrites connect with each other. All forms lead to paralysis that typically starts with the muscles of the face and then spreads towards the limbs.-“,;

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  2. Chappell says:

    Loved it!!!
    It’s Tuesday so we are heading into the canyon to get ours today!!!!
    Craig and Judy

  3. Mary E says:

    Once again Frank- your ability to express a thought in your beautiful way with words is astounding!–What did Bob Dylan say-“The world it is a changing—so very true. A couple of years ago I had to have my hearing checked so I went to see Dr. Zelzer, an ENT who put tubes in my son’s ears when he was 5yrs. old now my son is 24. Imagine my surprise to find that Dr. Zelzer has a partner that sees the patients with the truely “medical problems” and he, Dr. Zelzer, gives Botox injections only!!

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