My birthday is on December 28th and has been my whole life. It’s a terrible time to have a birthday, wedged in between Christmas and New Years, and I’ve always wished it fell in the middle of the year.

When I turned 60 this last December, my wife had a great idea of celebrating my birthday in July, as a 6o.5 birthday around the pool with friends and family underneath the California sun. We did just that this weekend and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect, not too hot, but hot enough to get a few “old” folks in the pool, the Vietnamese/Thai food was delicious, and the bartender was professional and tactful, “You’re drinking vodka tonics, right? Six of them if my count is right…”

Of course, the heart and pleasure of the party were my dear friends and family. I want to thank them for their friendship and love through the many years we’ve shared in the joys and battles that make up a life together.

Some folks toasted me, a couple roasted me, and my dear friends Pam and Clark wrote and delivered a poem called Let Us Be Frank. I hope they don’t mind if I post it for the world to see (I guess it’s too late now if they do!).

Let us be Frank,

if you know what I mean,

getting old is not so bad

no, not as bad as it seems.

Oh yeah, there’s the aches and the pains

with which we learn to live,

getting old is not so bad

considering the alternative.

With each passing year

comes the wisdom of the ages,

getting old is not so bad

it’s like a book filled with pages and pages and pages.

I have had many adventures

and this fact I can truly say,

getting old is not so bad

and if I had hair, it would definitely be grey.

It has been and is

a wonderful life,

getting old is not so bad,

especially with Annette as my wife

And so I will live my life, enjoying every day,

and this phrase will become my gospel —

I want to die young…

as late as possible



7 Responses to Let Us Be Frank

  1. fz says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. Seems like dying young as late as possible is a popular tenet with us all…consider it ratified!

  2. Carol McCarthy says:

    Happy .5 Birthday, Frank!!! I love that idea, and the poem. Thanks for sharing it. You and Annette look happy and well!! Sounds like a great party. I am going to adopt the phrase, “I want to die young…as late as possible” Big Hugs XX

  3. Ursula says:

    What a great idea, after all, birthdays are just a celebration of an event long ago. I think I will not celebrate any more since that event was so long ago I can’t remember it. Instead, I will chose the most significant day of each year and call it “My Birthday”.
    Love, Ursula

  4. Tony De La Rosa says:

    Happy 60.5th Birthday! I just wanted to say that I loved the poem.

  5. Qi says:

    Omg, it was a great birthday party, F & A.
    Food was fantastic and people were awesome. You guys throw great parties and it’s pleasure to be part of your celebration and life.
    Michael & I love you!! ≧^◡^≦

  6. Stephanie says:

    What a wonderful party and a great group of interesting and lovely people. I’m so honored to be a part of this family. I love and adore you guys more than words will ever say.

  7. Nancy Horrell says:

    Happy 60 1/2 Frank.
    Our thoughts were with you. Sounds like it was a lovely party. Dean & I couldn’t make it – BUT our thoughts and love were with you & Annette!

    Send pictures if you can


    Nancy Horrell

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