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Around the corner from my house, where darkness falls fast, where the thick hillside is overgrown and deep with shadows, the potheads gather in their dream cars to share a buzz. A couple of guys in the front seat, perhaps one or two in the back, they pass the pipe and exhale softly. Who knows what they talk about or if they talk at all? Girls? Sports? Dope? They are brief visitors to our neighborhood and yet regular in their haphazard way. I suppose they think the broad hill behind them and the tiny streets offer the semblance of invisibility. And they are right.

Lovers come here, too, for a quick meal and heated lovemaking in the backseat. Young and bold, maybe they fall in love…or out of it. Who can be sure what they betray or affirm? Maybe it doesn’t matter what they call it or what I imagine it to be. They are here, that is enough. That much is certain.

How do I know? From the contents of their discards, their trash. My wife’s collection of their refuse the other day was like an archeological dig, quite a giggle of cultural expose’.

Here’s a partial list of the contents in the photo:

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  • A can of Budweiser, a Coke & water bottles for cotton-mouth
  • Orbit breath mints to cover the scent
  • A bottle of Clear Eyes to get the red out
  • A baggie with marijuana stems in it
  • A “medical marijuana” tinfoil packet with a caution notice that it may cause drowsiness
  • An empty condom wrapper (no used condom seen, thank god)
  • A curl of ribbon and paper (perhaps from an engagement ring box?)
  • Cigarettes, fast-food wrappers, & Muscle Milk (go ahead, say it)
Sometimes now, late in the evening when I tuck in and the world slows down, I can hear the squeak of brakes, tires rolling to a stop. I see a rendezvous in my mind. I imagine their whispers and their breathing as the windows steam up. Then I drift off, wondering what mystery is being spun or unraveled around the corner from my bed, where the coyotes patrol and the suburban dogs howl at the night.

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  1. Marcy Mason Green says:

    Hi Frank,

    I’m Mary’s friend. I enjoyed your photos and comments.

    Please add me to your mailing list.

    Give my regards to Annette.


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