It has to be incomprehensible. That’s the first thing.

Or at least super-difficult to understand.

If you can get through it, find the meaning, then it can’t be it.

You have to struggle, work hard, riddle it out.

Education helps sometimes less than you’d think.

If streetwise, then go out and get experience

Somewhere, live something like it, then you’ll understand.

It just has to be that way to make it important,

To make it different and rare and new.

Otherwise, it might just be an expression of yourself,

Something you want to say to someone else

In a clear and understandable way.

How would that be it? That couldn’t be it?

It’s not like that at all. The good stuff is never like that.

It’s much harder. It hurts. It bleeds.

And you have to bleed with it.


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